Privacy Statement

About Us

International Consulting Group ICG is committed to providing you with unbeatable value and an excellent service. So, we collect the information that you give us when you contact us. Then we use it to provide you with any goods or services requested, to administer your contracts, for risk assessment, for marketing, to analyze your account histories and to improve our services to you.

Our Site

International Consulting Group ICG offers access to this site free of charge in order to provide information about International Consulting Group ICG, our capabilities, our products and services, our strategic partners and the work we have done for our clients.

We welcome visitors to the site but also want to make it clear what rules apply to your use of our site. The sole authorized use of this site is to obtain information about International Consulting Group ICG. No other use is permitted.

What data do we collect and how might we use it?

International Consulting Group ICG may collect and store personally identifiable information, about users who visit this site and voluntarily submit information.

From time to time International Consulting Group ICG may use this information to contact you about:

  1. Our products and services and/or
  2. The products and services of our clients

Data security

International Consulting Group ICG mited acts both within the spirit and requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

When new legislation comes into force that affects aspects of our Privacy Policy we will act promptly to advise you of your rights and any changes we will make.

We do not rent, sell or make available your data to any other party except where: i) those details are necessary for the performance of an enquiry ii) those details are necessary for the performance of the contract. iii) our strategic partners bring information, products or services to your attention, which are thought to be of interest to you iv)we are required to by law.

Where information from our strategic partners is distributed, International Consulting Group ICG retains control over your personal details. We never provide our strategic partners with access to your details.